Student Ambassador (Groningen)

Bijbaan Student Power

Job Description

Student Power
Student Power is an online jobs platform that helps ambitious students find relevant part-time work, internships, starter jobs and traineeships with companies that require their skills. Employers can post student jobs and have direct access to an extensive database of CV’s, that makes it possible for them too to accurately search for students and make direct contact with them. The platform helps students gain relevant work experience in their field and it gives employers access to talent at an early stage in their careers. There is no middleman, which makes the platform different from employment agencies.

Your job
We are looking for a student ambassador in Groningen, The Netherlands. As a Student Power ambassador, you will represent us in your city, starting with handing out flyers and attending parties at introduction weeks this summer. After that, you will make sure every student in your city knows us, by representing us at (career) events and parties. You can work independently as well as in a team and you enjoy building a network.


  • You understand student life and know what is going on in your city.
  • You connect with the students in your class, at events and parties and refer them to our platform.
  • You help students in your city find a suitable job on our platform.
  • You help organize events in your city and nearby. E.g., job fair or guest lecture.
  • You hand out flyers to students in your neighborhood.
  • You also act as a Student Power ambassador to your school and try to build & maintain a good connection with your university.
  • You utilize every opportunity you get to make students and young professionals aware about our platform, so they sign up on our platform.
  • Share our events and content within your network.


  • You are studying in Groningen and live close to University of Groningen.
  • You are a good communicator, enjoy meeting new people and to build a network.
  • You know what parties and events are going on in your city, that attract a lot of students.
  • You understand Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn and like to post Instagram stories from time to time.
  • You can speak English fluently.
  • You are flexible and do not mind working a long day if necessary.
  • You are enthusiastic about our platform, can work on your own as well as in a team.
  • You are honest and reliable.

What we offer

  • Money (of course).
  • (Virtual) drinks & pizza meetings with our teams.
  • We invite an expert to teach us about their area of expertise regularly. Whether it’s about how to win a negotiation, develop a product or write a good job posting. This will allow you to broaden your knowledge about various other fields as well.
  • Responsibility from day one, come up with new ideas, execute these ideas and get regular feedback.
  • During this job, you will build out your professional network, which benefits your future career opportunities.
  • Have an impact on the lives of young talent and help them build their career.

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