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Job Description

Klaren International has developed the self cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger technology for severely fouling fluids with the unique property that the heat exchanger tube
surface remains clean during operation.

These heat exchangers offer the following advantages when compared to conventional heat exchangers:

• Energy savings

• Increase in production and no maintenance costs

• No hazardous cleaning solutions

• No use of anti-fouling chemicals.

The patented technology is one of its kind and is drawing interests from companies in the oil and gas, chemical, thermal desalination, wastewater, and mining industries.

For a detailed description about the technology and how the self-cleaning technology works please visit our website

Improving the technology and expanding the areas of application will require further research and development. In order to be able to do this, Klaren International is looking for aspiring mechanical engineering students who have a good grasp of subjects like thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, finite element methods, stress analysis and distribution. Furthermore, the student should be motivated and willing to support testing the technology in the lab and at the same time carry out research to find the solution to the problem he/she is entrusted upon. Examples of some internship projects are development of a heat exchanger for high viscous pastes using natural circulation• development and realization of a fluidized bed evaporator for lab scale testing evaluation of field data of self-cleaning heat exchanger/pilot unit on edible oils• design of self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger to recover heat from freezing surface water Who are we looking for? A student Mechanical /Chemical Engineering• Having a strong interest in the heat transfer& heat exchangers / thermodynamics  fluid dynamics
Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
You have an advanced level in written and spoken English (any other EU language Would be a plus)hat to expect?

A fast-growing start-up experience with plenty of opportunities to take responsibilities quickly. A great place to work in Barneveld (+remote)• Flexible working hours• Ideally 3-6 months period. Being part of the amazing team. The student will be guided by a mentor who will help to understand theoretical concepts and help with the queries and problems. We have a skilled technician in our lab who will build and make changes in the test setup the student is working on. At the end of the assignment the student will have to draft the project findings in a report which will be in English.

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