Bijbaan Startersbaan Awaves

Job Description

We are Awaves, a student startup on the campus of the University of Twente. We are building a DJ with artificial intelligence. This artificial DJ forms the basis of our Awaves Play party app, a music streaming service that will take the music experience at student house parties to a higher level. We bring the DJ to your living room.
In order to do this we need state of the art technology that is able to compete with Spotify. This type of R&D is the sole purpose of Awaves Lab. An example of our technology is the research of Koen van den Brink, our lead A.I. programmer. He recently published his bachelor thesis on finding the drop in electronic music using neural networks. The technology that originates in Awaves Lab is applied in Awaves Play. Awaves Play is our flagship product aimed at the global consumer market.

We have a paid position open in Awaves Play for a developer that can work on either of these topics:
(1) Implement new features in Awaves Play
(2) Bug fixing and system stability testing based on user feedback
(3) Website development using our custom CMS system

Currently we are a team of ten and have an office in Incubase on the campus. We are ambitious but also like to have fun. We are always interested in new perspectives. We welcome discussion to brighten our horizon in order to create an inclusive aproach for all potential users. We believe that doing what you think is cool gives the best results. Therefore we strive to create a working environment where you are enabled and motivated to thrive at your full potential. Our backgrounds are in computer science, business, creative technology and philosophy of technology. One of us has a magnet implant in his index finger. Honesty, vigour and fun are our company values.

What we expect from you
– Become part of our team for 10-20 hours per week
– Experience with software development (Python and Javascript)
– Willingness to learn fast

What we offer you
– Compensation that suits your wants
– Experience in an ambitious tech-startup
– A wholesome working environment

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