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Student Power is a very convenient platform for both students and companies. Many students are looking for study-related parttime work and Student Power makes sure that interesting opportunities pop up in your mailbox or on social media.

Juliët Student Communication Sciences

I found a holiday job that really suits my studies via Student Power. This summer I didn't just work for money, but have gained actual experience. Moreover, this job will look very good on my resume.

Derek Student Business Administration

These jobs suit with so many students and are very extensive. I really like that I can find a side job here that fits with what I want to do after my studies. This way I can start building my career early on and gain experience that others may not have when they have just graduated.

Ilse Student Media Studies

It is nice that your applicantion is sent directly to the company without any middlemen being involved. Moreover, I like that I can follow interesting companies, so that I know when they have a new opportunity that I don't want to miss out on. Communication is transparent and Student Power always responds quickly to my questions.

Mirko Master Student Multidisciplinairy Economics


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