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Company Description

The Challenge

There is too much time and effort wasted in research especially when its simple answers in our daily, study, and work lives that we are looking for that shouldn’t require that much research to find a simple answer. Furthermore, platforms that offer Q and A such as quora are only in text form. Most individuals (according to survey results) prefer voice or video interaction because it clarifies the point more and eliminated waiting time for an answer to a question in case the text is unclear. Lastly, most people are usually afraid to ask questions even to their own teachers, which causes them lose the benefit of asking questions. Such a platform will help such people get used to asking experienced strangers questions which will help eliminate this fear of asking questions in the future.

The Solution

Ayuda will be a future SaaS platform that connects certified individuals with knowledge in a particular field, with an individual who needs an answer to a question, which will occur through a video or voice channel. This way users will get their answers to their questions in a shorter period of time, with much less effort placed. Any individual with proof of knowledge (certificate) in a specific field can join the platform for a monthly fee. On the other hand, people with questions will pay a fee / minute to the knowledge provider to get an answer to their question. This way it’s a much more affordable consultation service compared to a pay per hour on other platforms. This will lead to a knowledge circle that never ends, people will learn and share knowledge with a reward.

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