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We believe that the art of decision-making has been impacted by increased use and dependency on applications in the past decade. Workflows and rule-engines became dominant in managing the business, too often leaning towards being a black box. Apolix uncovers the true value of your data, focusing on simplicity and value creation.


We believe that every organisation should have the opportunity to make fact-based and data-driven decisions. Why store data if you do not make use of it? Apolix creates value from readily available data in your information systems. Gain full transparency and a clear direction for the future with Apolix.


Transparency is in our DNA. Process mining shows what is actually happening in your business processes, reflecting reality. On top of that, we believe it is important that our customers understand what we do and why we do it. We don’t use buzzwords, we make complexity simple.


Your success is our success. Therefore, Apolix always go the extra mile to get the optimal result. We help organisations to create value for their business out of readily available and unused data. We go beyond insights and teach our clients to gain the most value and continuously improve their processes.

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