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  • 2009-2005
    La Salle University

    Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science

    I studied at Campus Pachuca and became the President of the Student\'s council. I developed delightful complex senses in there, with regards to arts, politics, journalism, poetry, marketing, and other post-modern approaches regarding the cultural industry and media.

  • 2013-2015
    Stockholm University

    Master Programme in Latin American Studies

    The Master\'s program in Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides in-depth knowledge of the region\'s economic, social, legal, and political conditions from a perspective that emphasizes the importance of knowledge of the history, language, and culture for understanding the social processes. The Program highlights the importance of seeing Latin America from a global perspective and understanding the region based on its interaction with the rest of the world. Social and cultural theories are studied and applied to cases from the region. Latin American Studies are for those who aspire to a career in international relations, development studies, or any other field in which a deeper knowledge of a specific regional region can be an asset. The courses also give you competencies that may be useful in international work, information, and educational occupations and in the tourist industry.

  • 2019-2021
    Södertörn University

    Master in International Journalism

    The Master’s programme provides a global perspective on journalism, investigating the role of journalism in different media systems and socio-cultural contexts, giving you the knowledge and skills necessary for work in an international setting. You will also examine changes to the global media and their implications for professional journalism. It also provides training of the best practices in journalism and the most innovative developments.


Client relations
Strategic thinking
Project management
Business Development
Communication skills
Content creation
Commitment to deadlines
Critical thinking
Social media (strategy and campaigns)


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